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Hey! Thanks for deciding to join Source Eco Hub! 

Your support means a lot, providing crucial finances and energy so we can keep our cooperative cranking. 

'Cooperative' means that we are owned and run by our Members.

The following are our membership fees, which entitle you to
various perks until March 2025:
Non Active Membership - $40 - New members
Active $35 Membership - Renewal for current members
Student Non-Active Membership - $30 - New Student members
Student Active Membership - $25 - Renewal for current student members

Pay for Membership

Click the above button to pay your membership fee, then come back to this page and fill in your details below.

If you'd like to be an active volunteer, choose at the bottom of this form how you would like to be involved.

For more info on what being a Co-op member means, check out the Constitution.
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